Enhance both overall coverage and density of energy delivery

Up to 200 laser diods

Increasing Overall coverage of hair loss area

Not hard to understand, the more laser diods are there integrated the more power covers(more follicles receive the laser energy), which will directly result in more hair regrowth rate. That’s the first step it enhance the effectiveness..

Optimal laser spot matrix

Maximize the light density

While increasing the overall coverage of laser diods layout, we further enhanced laser light spot to be an oval shape,which will add an additional 5% coverage of laser light delivery. That means more laser energy can be delivered with same amount of laser diods...


Individualized and adaptable solution

7 scalp areas

Offer a tailored solution for every type of hair loss
Concentrate power on most requiring area

Energy adaption

Laser energy varies as per environment temperature Causing less delivery of energy in summer whilst more in winter iHelmet solved this perfectly with an intelligent auto-adpat technology Which ensures a constant overall energy that being delivered.


Easy and confident

it comes with a bundled APP which make the treatment with more confident



First we do is to cut down the weight to 585 grams. We know well that every single gram is growing to be a burden as time passing.

And second, our patented vent system which assures a comfortable experience during the therapy, also our colorful and elegant design meets both male and female users aesthetic requirements, so just enjoy the therapy procedure!